Getting Over Gary has launched … and so has my brand new blog!


Yesterday was a very exciting day for me. My second full-length novel, Getting Over Gary, was launched. And so was the blog on my website

Screenshot 2015-12-16 18.08.14I’ve written all about it on my website and you can click here to take you directly there.

I’m going to stop blogging on this wordpress site. I’ve loved being here, but it’s time to start using my gorgeous website instead.  Thank you for following my writing journey here I would be ever so grateful if you could follow me on the website blog and comment as you’ve done before, although please bear with me for a short while as there may be a few teething issues while I suss how to properly use it!

I will keep popping back here and posting the link. Thank you

Jessica xx

2 thoughts on “Getting Over Gary has launched … and so has my brand new blog!

  1. Good idea to blog from your website but as a fellow WordPress user, I’ll miss being able to easily ‘like’ your posts.

    I loaned Steven to my friend a few months back and she loved him – she’s just asked me how she can buy Gary! (Anyone who doesn’t know about your books will find that sentence a bit weird!)

    Hope you have a fab day today.

    Liz xxx


    • Ha ha! I’m so pleased your friend loved Steven and I hope she’ll love Gary just as much (again, slightly dodgy sentence!) Please let me know how you get on with the new blog as I can always get functionality added to it.



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