The one where we had a lovely walk above Filey Brigg

I’ve been a full-time author for two months now and one of the things I was really looking forward to about only having one job instead of two was not having to work every evening and weekend. I managed that for about a week, then crept back into old habits. It’s so easy to stay at your desk and work when any semblance of a social life died during lockdown. This evening it was therefore lovely to go out for a walk in Filey, just a few miles away from us, with hubby, the munchkin and Ella.

There’s a lovely open space called Filey Country Park with walks along the cliff tops. The views are incredible on a clear day but today was very hazy so we couldn’t see as far as Flamborough Lighthouse which was a shame, but it was still lovely and very peaceful on the cliffs above Filey Brigg with only a handful of people walking.

It’s the start/end of The Cleveland Way and The Wolds Way walks and I love this carved stone which has the name of one walk carved on each side of the triangle, then the distances to various places on the plinth.


We could see Filey Brigg below us (the rocky outcrop). The tide was out so anyone down on the beach would have been able to walk to the end. The Brigg gets completely covered when the tide’s in and many people have been caught out there as the sea rises.


Ella, our 4-year-old sprocker spaniel enjoyed her walk with the much cooler early evening air temperature. It was in the late teens/early 20s. Absolutely gorgeous. Sorry to anyone down south who was experiencing hideous temperatures in the 30s earlier this evening. Ew. My sympathies.

I can’t believe I’ve never actually walked along here before. I’ve been to the Country Park and I have walked along the Brigg but never up on the cliff tops. Must definitely do that again soon.

Sending cool vibes to those who are melting in the heatwave.

Big hugs

Jessica xx

4 thoughts on “The one where we had a lovely walk above Filey Brigg

  1. It’s weird how we both thought becoming full time writers would mean we’d be out and about more, and look what happened!
    The start/end of The Wolds Way at the other end is in my home town of Hessle, and there’s a lovely country park there, too, with a great pub on the foreshore.
    Had a drive out through the Wolds today and it’s so lovely. Very underrated area if you ask me. People know all about the Moors and Dales, but they forget the Wolds. They don’t know what they’re missing! Xx

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    • I think I might have been there. Is it close to the Humber Bridge? I hadn’t realised before that the we each have a start/end of the walk right next to us. Aw, we were always meant to be connected!
      Loved your pictures of your drive. Definitely a gorgeous and very underrated area … although lovely for us that it means it’s a bit quieter to visit!
      Covid certainly hasn’t helped the getting out and about more but I suspect, even if it had never appeared, I’d still be glued to my desk chair and the only time I’d escape was for my fortnightly get-togethers with you. It’s so easy when you’re working from home to become a hermit! xx

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  2. Yes, on the foreshore close to the bridge. You’re right about being a hermit even without Covid. That’s what I meant. I thought I’d be out loads, but I only really go out to meet you or sometimes Alex! I’m shockingly bad at dragging myself away from the desk. Also, I’m wondering why I feel so guilty taking a day off, even when I feel unwell, yet I was quite happy to take two whole days off every single week from the day job. It’s called a weekend… Different mindset needed, me thinks. xx

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