A lovely May Day birthday

I cancelled my birthday last year. We were only a few weeks into lockdown when I was asked the ‘what would you like for your birthday?’ question and I had a mini-meltdown. Even though I’ve never really made a huge thing out of my birthday in previous years, I didn’t like the idea that I couldn’t even if I wanted to so I told hubby and the munchkin not to bother with gifts and we’d do a birthday later in the year. Then I found a couple of Lucy Pittaway prints which I ordered for the office so I did get a gift after all even if there was no celebration 😉

This year, we’re not in lockdown but restrictions are only just easing so it we still couldn’t plan much. I did, however, lift the ‘no presents’ thing and was spoilt with some lovely gifts.

There was a bit of a hedgehog theme with the most adorable plush Steiff hedgehog from the hubby, a sewing project for a hedgehog and hoglet and a cute pen holder with a hedgehog reading a book in it.

Loving my new lighthouse and looking forward to featuring it on some photos with my books soon.

A huge thank you to my amazing friend Sharon for the gorgeous flowers, candle, bear and chocolates and to my lovely friend Jo for the hedgehog and bear scarves.

Sharon also sent me the most amazing card. It’s a card containing cake. I never knew such a thing existed and, being the huge fan of cake that I am, it made me very happy. I can’t wait to dive in and would have had a piece today but my in-laws dropped round surprise afternoon tea so we ditched our plans for a takeaway and had that instead and I am now full of cake. It was sooooo yummy. But there’s always tomorrow. Nom nom. And I have a birthday cake too!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me lovely messages on social media. Very much appreciated.

Back to editing tomorrow but it’s been nice to have a rare day off today.

Big hugs
Jessica xx

6 thoughts on “A lovely May Day birthday

  1. Glad to hear that you had a good time. Full of cake is never a bad place to be! I had no idea that a cake card existed and I’ll be seeking them out as it would be the perfect card for my friend. Like you and Sharon we meet up for coffee and cake regularly (and the odd pub lunch too….or afternoon tea).We’ve been friends for forty years and are very good at talking about nothing in particular for hours at a time. My son’s 40th birthday occurred in the last lockdown so the planned break in Edinburgh didn’t happen, and my daughter in law missed out on her 40th birthday trip to York in the first lockdown, and then she missed out on the deferred plan to go on her 41st as we were in the latest lockdown! How unfair.

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    • It’s such a shame for some people that they’ve missed two birthdays. Hope they do get to catch up eventually! Your friend and you definitely sound like Sharon and me. Hours can go by and we have no idea where they’ve gone! Hope you’re able to meet up really soon and share cake in person

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