Fionas FactFile with Author Jessica Redland

Thank you to Fiona Jenkins for featuring me on her Fiona’s FactFile and her Author Q&A today. I’m re-blogging both on my own website. Here’s the FactFile first…

Inspired by my PMDD

I totally agree teddybear

Please name 5 facts about you. (Pics if you have any)

  1. Jessica Redland isn’t my real name. It’s Julie but I find it easier to have everyone connected to writing to refer to me as Jessica. I decided to write under a pseudonym for a variety of reasons and chose Jessica because it’s a timeless name that I’ve always loved. I wanted my surname to be something that had a connection to my writing. The idea for my debut novel came to me when I was living on a street called Redlands Road. I ditched the ‘s’ and kept the Redland part

  • I’m an arctophile – a collector/lover of teddy bears. I love them so much that I took a career break from HR in 2003 and set up and ran my own specialist teddy bear shop. I started writing my first book on quiet days…

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3 thoughts on “Fionas FactFile with Author Jessica Redland

  1. Very interesting, Jessica. The interesting thing is that my daughter is named Jessica. I really liked the name and apparently so did many others as there were 4 Jessicas in her class growing up. She was adamant that no one call her Jessie.

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    • Oh my goodness, what a popular name at the time! I ran a Brownie Pack and Lucy was a popular name in the pack. At one point, we had 3. In fact, ‘L’ was a really popular initial and half the pack had names beginning with L!

      Jessica is lovely (so good choice!) although, because it’s not my real name, I do find it really odd when someone shortens it to Jess or Jessie!

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