The one where I thank everyone involved in the blog tour for Summer Nights at The Starfish Café

The blog tour for Summer Nights at The Starfish Café officially ended on Friday. There were a few reviews still to come in so I thought I’d give it a few days before my thank you blog post in case they came in over the weekend. Also, with my big news weekend, I didn’t want my thank you to get overshadowed.

Across 16 days, with three stops per day, I had one promotion post and 45 reviews. All those who gave ratings awarded the book a 4, 4.5 or 5-star review, mainly the latter. which was amazing. Some of the reviews were so lovely – full of praise for the book, the series, and everything else I’ve written – that I was on the verge of tears at several points reading them.

I personally wouldn’t recommend anyone reads the final book without having read the other two as they miss the character development and the threads that follow across the series, so it’s always a little nerve-racking to see reviews starting with a declaration that they haven’t read anything by me before, but those who were new to the series and my writing thankfully responded very positively. Phew!

Thank you to every single reviewer who took part and to those who shared their reviews independent of the blog tour. I really appreciate the time it takes to read the book and share your thoughts. Thanks also to the amazing Rachel Gilbey of Rachel’s Random Resources for organising it.

At the time of writing this post, we’re a couple of days off three weeks since Summer Nights was released and it’s nearly at 750 reviews/ratings on Amazon already which warms my heart so much. So thank you also to all the kind readers and listeners who have shared their love for the series finale already.

I’ve had several comments from readers and reviewers who’ve loved the series but are sad for it to end. I was sad to end it too as this is my personal favourite of all my series. There’s something about the setting of The Starfish Café and the characters there which has completely captured my heart. However, there’s plenty more to come from Whitsborough Bay so I’m sure the café and some of the characters will crop up again in other stories. Nothing firm planned yet, but I do love a cameo!

If you haven’t taken a trip to The Starfish Café yet and are a little hesitant to start because the first book – Snowflakes Over The Starfish Caféhas snow on the cover, please don’t let that put you off. It is set in winter and Christmas is mentioned but it’s not a Christmas book. Most of the activity happens in November and early December. Book 2 – Spring Tides at The Starfish Café – is set across spring and summer and this final one is set in the summer, as the name would suggest.

Right now, you can pick up all three for your Kindle for a couple of pennies over £7. What a bargain for hours and hours of escapism and entertainment!

Hope you’ve enjoyed a selection of the quotes from the tour. If you were on the tour and your review quote isn’t included here, please don’t read anything into that – I’ve just picked a random selection and tried to get a mixture of themes in the quotes.

Thank you again, everyone. Next tour will be in July for the start of my new Escape to the Lakes series so hope to see some of you on that.

Big hugs
Jessica xx

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