It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … and there’s a reason for it

1522851_784506671588635_6474462348225739404_oDo you prefer the build-up to Christmas or Christmas Day itself? I find Christmas Day quite exhausting and, after the munchkin has opened her gifts, I think a year of hard work usually catches up on me and I just want to sleep for England. So, for me, it’s the build-up I prefer and specifically one aspect: the moment when the tree is up and the boxes have all been put back in the attic and I can settle down on the sofa and gaze at the gorgeous lights and decorations. I absolutely love fairy lights and would happily have them up in the house all year round. We moved house 3 years ago. When we had our kitchen re-done in our old house, we had a couple of sets of shelves that looked perfect with white fairy lights on them all year round. Somehow we lost the plugs in the move so our current kitchen doesn’t have any. However, I’ve just treated myself to a couple of sets for the office although they haven’t quite made it out of their boxes yet.

I don’t particularly enjoy Christmas shopping (I’m not a shopping fan full stop) but I love gathering all the gifts together and wrapping them. I like to adorn them with bows and curly ribbon and can spend hours on the task. This year, I’d done them all just before the end of November in a film-fest of The Proposal and What Happens in Vegas. Usually I would watch Christmas films but they were still in the attic. They came down with the decorations so Saturday was a Christmas film-fest whilst tree-decorating.

P1040382I’m greedy. We have three trees! We have a large artificial one in the bay of our lounge, my daughter has a small pink one on a coffee table in the lounge and we have a third smaller artificial one in the dining room window. This may seem an indulgence but we originally bought this extra one because we had large shelved recesses in the dining room in our old house and, in our new house, the lounge is at the back of the house and the dining room is at the front. I like to see Christmas lights from the road so I simply had to put the small tree on display on the large window ledge there.

I’m ridiculously organised this year. I’ve bought and wrapped nearly all my gifts, have written my cards, and have put up all the decorations. I just have gifts for the hubby to buy. He’s an absolute nightmare to buy for so I’ve put it on the table that I haven’t a clue what to get him this year so ball’s in his court to tell me or he’ll have nothing. So far, he’s suggested a blu-ray so progress isn’t great! I’m not normally this organised. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a pretty organised person – but I’m not normally this far in advance with Christmas which begs the question why. What’s different this year?

I think I know.

IMG_0305I’m procrastinating. I’m going through a phase of self-doubt with my writing and, if I immersed myself in spending two evenings producing a spreadsheet with all the things the munchkin had on her wish-list and posting links to said items at the best price (yes, I really did do this!), if I spent two evenings wrapping gifts, two days putting up all the decorations and an evening writing cards, not to mention a morning’s shopping trip and several hours online, then I didn’t have to write. And I didn’t have to face my doubts. And I could continue to be an ostrich. But the shopping’s done, the decorations are up and the cards are written which means I can’t bury my head in the sand anymore. Eek. I’ll tell you more about the self-doubt in my next post.

What to do now? Should I write? No, I think I’ll get those fairy lights out their boxes …

8 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … and there’s a reason for it

  1. I share your pain, Jessica! I’m feeling this way, too, and funnily enough it’s the first year I can remember where I’ve got all my Christmas presents and cards bought this early. Coincidence? I think not. Maybe it’s Third Book Syndrome? 😉 x


    • Hi Sharon, how spooky is that? It could well be third-book syndrome. Musicians face “that difficult second album”. Perhaps it’s “that difficult third novel” for writers? It’s funny that we’ve both got Christmas all wrapped up early … literally! Look forward to talking more about it on Sunday xx


  2. What is it with you two? Will you please stop because you’re making me feel panicky! As I see it December is for Christmas shopping and Christmas Eve is for present wrapping. So I’m well on track apart from the fact that I’ve not bought or written a single Christmas card yet!
    Sorry to hear about the self-doubt Jessica. I’m sure it’s completely unnecessary and you’ll soon be back into your writing
    Love Alys xx


    • Hee hee Alys. Sorry! We promise not to be a nightmare on Sunday! I’m sure you’re right and I’ll be back into it soon. I’ll post the next part on Saturday so you and Sharon can give me a slap and tell me to pull myself together on Sunday. xx


  3. Jessica take a time to relax and enjoy the lovely time of the year, why grind to a stop and spoil it? You have been very busy lately, life should be enjoyed. You will soon feel ready again to write and give readers such a lot of pleasure reading your work. I am looking forward to reading more of your writing. Best wishes



    • Thank you, Beatrice. I think you’re right there; I have been trying to do way too much recently and I think it’s exhausted me. I’ve been switching the light off to go to sleep before 10pm the last few nights which isn’t like me. A bit more sleep might help get things into perspective more. Thanks for your encouragement xx


  4. I’ll join in with you and Sharon on the writing worry, but unfortunately not writing at all in the last month hasn’t even resulted in me having Christmas all wrapped up – I’m on about a par with Alys in that area! Maybe we all just need to rest and recharge our batteries for a bit xx


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